Our drivers education program is lead by a team of trusted instructors with a proven track record of successfully preparing students for safe and responsible driving.

Owners posing with blue Drive Right car.

It’s Our Community

Northern Illinois is our community, and our mission is to keep it safe. Drive Right is committed to ensuring new drivers develop the skills necessary to keep our roads safe for everyone.

Meet Our Instructors

It takes a certain type of person to sit calmly in the passenger seat with a new driver, but for over 50 years Drive Right has provided patient, professional instruction in every situation. Our instructors all come from the education field, and many had careers in area schools before joining our team. Here are some of our classroom teachers.

  • Mark Molencupp

    Instructor - Since 2009

  • Ryan Molencupp

    Instructor - Since 2015

  • Barry Molencupp

    Instructor - Since 1979

  • Doug Loner

    Instructor - Since 2019

  • Jonathan Yowell

    Instructor - Since 2006

  • Tony Cotelleso

    Instructor - Since 2007

The #1 Trusted Source for Drivers Education in Northern Illinois.

Our Complete Package covers the required 30 hours of classroom instruction combined with real world driving practice in rural and urban environments. Once completed, the student should feel confident in making proper driving decisions to stay safe on the road and will have everything they need to qualify for an Illinois State driver's license.