Student and Instructor Driving in Car
Rules of the Road Handbook
Instructor's Clipboard

The Complete Program

$525 (Classroom + Behind the Wheel)

Everything a teen needs to qualify for a driver's license in Illinois. This course provides thorough training in the classroom and practical application with real world driving lessons. The instructor will guide the student through urban, rural and highway environments with the safety of dual controls backed by years of experience. Upon completion, the student should feel confident that they can drive safely and defensively.

Package Options

Select your preferred package (The Complete Program, or Classroom Only) when registering for your class.

Best Deal, Bundle and Save 84 Dollars

The Complete Program $525

Bundle and SAVE $84 with The Complete Program!

Purchased Separately $609

$209 Classroom Only + $400 Behind the Wheel

Other Options

Behind the Wheel Only:
Behind the wheel only is for students who have already completed the classroom requirements or would like to complete their driving lessons outside of school.

Students - $75/lesson or All 6 Lessons for $400 (SAVE $50!).
Adults - $80/hour.